Thursday, August 27, 2009

And we have a winner...

After weeks of browsing craigslist, fleabay and the 'for sale' forums, I finally settled on this old girl. She's a 1979 FXS (Low Rider) with a stock 80'' (1340cc) engine and 4-speed transmission with kick and electric start, electronic ignition and dual-disc front brakes. She's had two previous owners, the most recent of which had owned her since 1988 and seems to have taken great care of the engine.

She's from Gaston, Indiana which is just north of Muncie. After a couple of trips down there (thanks Leeta) and lots of hemming and hawing, she finally came home with me on August 15th.

As for that journey home... well that's a story for another post, lmao.


  1. HI
    thanks for letting me share your new journey.

    i think your dad joined the police dept the same year as your motorcycle. that should bring
    you luck

    enjoy your new journey and new hobbie

    love kathy

  2. Thanks Kath!

    Scott got to see the bike this past Saturday after our breakfast run... seems like he approved!