Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wiring, paint and a new headlight

With the arrival of warmer weather came motivation to tear into my shovel. She's apart right now in preparation to get new wiring, some paint and a brand new headlight.

Some of the previous owners wiring was frightening. Mostly crimped connections, some of which were failing, lots of splices and electrical tape. The new wiring will include all soldered connections secured and sealed with heat-shrink tubing.

While I'm into the wiring I'll be dumping all controls from the bars including the turn signals, cutoff switch (never worked anyway), horn and hi/low. I might mount a switch on the new headlight for the hi beam.

I never liked the Low Rider 'eyebrow' style headlight; it reminds me of a dirt bike. So, lighting the way is a new, halogen 6.5'' Wide Glide-style headlight with the bottom, bates-style mount. A nice new drill bit and my trusty 18v Dewalt made short work of the lower tree and cover. I replaced the bolt that came with the headlight and opted for a allen head one because of the narrow space in which it seats from under the lower tree (woulda been hard to get a socket on a normal bolt).

I'm doing some painting while everything is apart, too. Front and rear fender are getting gloss black, cam cone and oil pump are getting either flat or wrinkle black.

Got some other odds and ends, too. I'll post pics once it's all back together.

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