Sunday, September 6, 2009

Carb Rebuilt, coil mounted

I cleaned and rebuilt my carburetor yesterday afternoon with the kit I ordered from J&P. It wasn't as dirty as I expected but the rebuild seems to have fixed the occasional misses I was getting. I put in about 30 minutes of riding this afternoon and it didn't miss once.

I also installed my new air filter with some longer, recessed-head screws from Lowe's. After the carb rebuild, though, the air filter support bracket no longer squares up to the backplate, so I'll have to figure out why. Edit: and now, a few days later, it lines up fine... maybe I was tired or had been drinking.

A piece of of angle iron (also from Lowe's) cut to length worked out great to replace the ignition coil bracket that broke a few days ago. Seems solid. I'll check it again after a few rough rides to see how it's holding up.

After the Sea Foam I added to the oil about a week ago does it's thing it'll be time for an oil change... that's next on the to-do list.

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