Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finagle's Law and a J&P Cycles Order

Finagle's Law of Dynamic Negatives states that "Anything that can go wrong, will - and at the worst possible moment."

Finagle's is like Murphy's Law but with the comedic timing of David Letterman. It's also an unofficial Shovelhead mantra as far as I'm concerned.

When the bracket for my electronic ignition failed today while zipping along at 50mph I sighed and mentally added it to the list. "Fuck you, Finagle" I thought.

My new mistress is both temperamental and demanding. No place worth going, though, can be gotten to using shortcuts and it's a marathon, not a sprint. The good news? My order from J&P Cycles came in today!

I got a new air filter element. I still don't think it's exactly the right size (still a little deep) so I need new, slightly longer screws for the filter cover. The added depth should let more air flow, though, so maybe it'll be a good thing?

I picked up a couple of tappet screen screw o-rings. The previous owner didn't have one installed which was causing a pretty significant oil leak.

I also got an easy on/off tappet screen screw which replaces the stock screw (pictured left). The stock one is made of really soft alloy and has a slot larger than any flathead screwdriver I've ever seen. It ends up being easy as hell to damage. The new screw fits a 7/16'' wrench or socket so it'll be nice and easy to torque on and off... worth every bit of the cost.

And... I got a rebuild kit for my stock Keihin Butterfly carburetor. From all expert accounts, it's filthy and desperately in need of a good going through.

I'm hoping to rebuild the carb this weekend or early next week. I'm eager to see how she runs once it's soot free.


  1. Did you check to see if the air filter case is also stock? If its not, then that maybe why its' not fitting.

  2. Ya, the air filter housing definitely isn't stock. It's an S&S so it was added at some point.

    I'm thinking it's the right filter after all, though. The previous owner moved the support bracket that attaches the filter housing to the motor so there's a bolt head inside the housing that the actual filter element sits on now, which raises it up a little. I think that's all it is.